Search for Chief Librarian

UTFA members have been asking about the process to be followed in the search for the new Chief Librarian. An email was sent to Provost Misak, Jan. 10, asking for clarification on the following questions:

1.    Will the shortlist be made public?
2.    Will candidates on the shortlist be asked to present a public paper or presentation to the community of UTFA members?
3.    Will the UTFA community have an opportunity to ask questions from those short listed?

When we receive a response, we will post it on this website.

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2 Responses to Search for Chief Librarian

  1. Kathleen McMorrow says:

    The Provost may respond negatively to these requests. Don’t take it personally. The selection process for our new dean at Music included input only from the search committee members, with no short list or public questioning, and at the Faculty we were informed this was now a policy for high profile appointments. Fortunately the new dean has the support and approval of everyone here. Let’s hope the Library has a similar result.

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