Council Update

In the terms of reference for Council members in the UTFA By-laws, article 12:1, it notes that it is the responsibility of all council members to keep their constituents informed about important association events.

In recent months several important items have been given priority which we would like to share with you:

  • First, are the imminent issues concerning the next round of negotiations, priorities and determining who will be on the negotiating team – all to be shortly determined.
  • Second, revisions to the UTFA constitution and by-laws. This week council members are meeting to address revisions and equity issues concerning our association.
  • Third, concerns about the serious problems with our pension fund. At the last council meeting, lawyers presented council members with an overview of legal options.
  • Fourth, discussion continue regarding the FAS and Forestry association grievances and developments continue on the Council agenda
  • Fifth, donor arrangements that Administration have entered into concerning the Munk Centre and other large institutes at UT and their impact on academic freedom and the rights of our members. This has risen to the forefront due to recent developments in UT academic planning
  • Other issues have been surfacing. We will keep you posted as they are presented in Council.
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