Anti-Corporatization – Why is this an issue?

Secret contract negotiations between UT administrators and Peter Munk which by-passed the usual approval of Governing Council are coming to light that are raising serious questions in the UT community. Information has been circulated to UTFA Council and Executive.

The Anti-Corporate Teach-In this Saturday, Feb.26, is one of the public meetings being called to inform the community.

A brief outline of why the UT community is concerned — curriculum threats, secret contractual terms and international concerns from respected groups like Amnesty International about Peter Munk and his business reputation — can be read in this document. For a report from the Norwegian government on the unethical dealings of Barrick Gold, which speaks in detail about the eco-environmental issues, see: Norwegian Gov Report 2008 – Ethical Concerns

The intent of this blog is to keep you informed about issues which engage UTFA and concern your work environment.

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