CLA: Libraries and Intellectual Freedom

In the recent issue of Feliciter 57:1 (2011) there is an article “Intellectual Freedom: Issues and Information by Members of the CLA Advisory Committee on Intellectual Freedom.”

It starts on page 9 in volume 57, issue 1 and there are 4 parts to it:

1. CLA’s scope of IF concerns by Alvin Schrader

Quote: “When does a freedom of expression issue become a library issue? Can we comfortably snip off the library dimension of civil liberties? And if we do, are we open to the charge of being overtly self-serving?”

2. IF concerns cannot stop at the library door: the case of the G20 summit by Sam Trosow

Quote: “Unfortunately, the CLA Executive was not willing to adopt our recommendation so CLA remained silent on the issue. While the B.C. Library Association did issue a statement on the issue in July, it would have had more impact coming from the national association. While the CLA Executive never fully published their reasons for its rejection of our recommendation, it is clear that there are some fundamentally different points of view about the nature and scope of our intellectual freedom mandate. CLA needs to have a vigorous, frank and open debate on this issue in the near future.”

3. Workplace speech by Toni Samek

Quote: “Our committee aims to foster reflection about what constitutes “constructive engagement” and obstructiveness, because the two are often consciously and unconsciously conflated.”

4. CLA Lib Resources & Policies Challenges Survey by Donna Bowman

“A key component of the CLA future plan includes upgrading IT infrastructure, which would allow for a permanent home for the reporting of intellectual freedom challenges and access to the annual survey of challenged materials and policies, similar to ALA’s year-round database.”

(a thank you to Kent Weaver for bringing this to our attention)

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