Historical Bits and Bytes – UTFA and UT Librarians

Over the years the history of UT librarians often fades with the retirement of colleagues, and gaps appear in our understanding of how we got to where we are today. This is the first of a series of short pieces which will explain our history within UTFA and the University of Toronto.

In 1974, LAUT, the Librarians Association of the University of Toronto approached UTFA to request membership for professional librarians. By this time CAUT had already agreed to admit several other national librarian associations as part of their organization and many faculty associations in Canada and the US included librarians as full members.

For academic, scholarly and practical reasons UTFA believed it should embrace UT librarians as part of their organization. UTFA believed that it would only strengthen their organization, especially, if UTFA, as it was planning to do in 1974 , applied for certification. In 1975 UTFA approved the admission of librarians and made constitutional changes to reflect their inclusion. In 1975 librarians represented 7% of the UTFA membership.

William H. Nelson, The Search for Faculty Power (Toronto, Canada: The University of Toronto Faculty Association, The Canadian Scholars’ Press, 1993), p. 100-101.

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