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Members of Bargaining Team 2011

At yesterday’s UTFA Council, the following members were approved to become part of the new bargaining team. The purpose was to expand beyond the Executive, represent a broad range of the community and reach out to include new members.  As … Continue reading

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UTFA Association Grievance Regarding Appointment of UTSC Head Librarian

One of the items discussed in yesterday’s UTFA Council meeting, March 22 and the previous meeting held in February, was the new librarian association grievance submitted to UT Administration (as per MOA ) regarding the process of appointment, which did … Continue reading

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Report of the Constitutional Review Committee, March 22, 2011.

At the UTFA Council meeting, Jun Nogami, Chair of the Constitutional Review Committee, presented a motion and second set of revisions to the UTFA clauses. Council moved that any constitutional changes proposed by this year’s constitutional review committee and to … Continue reading

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Update on UTFA Council Mtg, March 22, 2011

A number of issues were on yesterday’s agenda, as the UTFA Executive prepares for the Annual General Meeting scheduled for April 20, 2011. Some of the issues require lengthy descriptions, so in this post I will only list them and … Continue reading

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Susan Crean speaks about the danger of ‘generalists’ serving the public at Canada’s LAC

Specialists are needed, not generalists, qualified archivists to serve scholars and researchers’ needs. We, at the University of Toronto, know how important that is. Distinguished Canadian journalist and writer, Susan Crean, talks about CAUT’s “Save the Library and Archives Campaign” … Continue reading

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