Members of Bargaining Team 2011

At yesterday’s UTFA Council, the following members were approved to become part of the new bargaining team. The purpose was to expand beyond the Executive, represent a broad range of the community and reach out to include new members.  As librarians and faculty we will be well represented by Victoria Skelton, a librarian in UT’s Industrial Relations and Human Resources Library (Newman). The bargaining team will consist of:

Michael Donnelly (Council member, representing retirees, Department of Political Science, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Dr. David Chu Professor Emeritus of Asia Pacific Studies.

Sherri Helwig: Program Supervisor, Arts Management Specialist and Humanities Co-op Programs, Senior Lecturer, Department of Humanities (Visual and Performing Arts and Humanities)

George Luste: President of UTFA, Professor, Department of Physics.

Scott Prudham: VP UTFA, Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Program in Planning.

Helen Rodd: Council Representative for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Professor EEB

Victoria Skelton: Council Member representing Librarians, Librarian, Industrial Relations and Human Resources Library (Newman)

Judith Teichman: Equity Chair UTFA, Professor, UTSC Social Science (Political Science)

Luc Tremblay: Member-at-Large UTFA Executive, Associate Professor, Faculty of Physical Education and Health

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