Report of the Constitutional Review Committee, March 22, 2011.

At the UTFA Council meeting, Jun Nogami, Chair of the Constitutional Review Committee, presented a motion and second set of revisions to the UTFA clauses. Council moved that any constitutional changes proposed by this year’s constitutional review committee and to be approved by the AGM (2011) will take effect July 1, 2011 and that the nominating committee use the revised constitution and bylaws in 2012. This will permit a transitional period, since the work of the Nominating Committee commences in the February of each new year.

At our last Council meeting the revisions to the length of time that any UTFA Executive can be in office was approved. At yesterday’s meeting, the UTFA Council approved revisions to clauses that pertain to the selection process of the Nominating Committee and representation on the UTFA Executive.

It was approved that one member of the Nominating Committee be elected by Council and that stipends and release time associated with each position on the UTFA Executive be made available to the Nominating Committee so that they can inform candidates for positions on the Executive. The aim is for greater transparency and clarity.

All revisions to the Constitution will need to be voted on at the AGM, hence, having as many of our member attend and a quorum will be essential.

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