Workload Policy – Academic Librarianship

More information about the new workload policies will be posted on this blog in the coming months. If you have questions, we would like to hear from you. A sub-committee of the UTFA Librarians Committee has been organized to examine the new policy. This committee is open to all interested UTFA members who would like to understand the new policy better.

There will shortly be a newsletter released from UTFA explaining the background, intent and goals of the new workload policy. In the meantime, we all need to begin to think about our own workloads and how the workload of academic librarians should be defined.

To start this process, we need to begin to reflect on how we define academic librarianship at an institute of higher learning.

In some respects academic librarianship is closely related to the faculty model, in that, like the teaching profession, academic librarianship is a distinct academic discipline in which librarians engage in intellectual work, research, scholarship and collaborate in setting standards and developing discipline practices relevant for higher academic levels of teaching, learning and research. Librarianship, like teaching, is a profession with many areas of expertise, all of which, operate at the highest level of learning. Academic librarians create specialized networks which, in turn, support, promote and engage the community.

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