Academic Librarians and Academic Freedom

CAUT’s statement (Approved by the CAUT Council, October 1993; Revised April 2002 and May 2004; Editorial revisions September 2010)

Academic status and activities

Librarians at academic institutions are entitled to academic status. As academic staff librarians play an integral role in the pursuit, dissemination and structuring of knowledge at the academic institution. They have an important teaching responsibility and are also responsible for acquiring, preserving and providing access to documentary material in all formats. Librarians are involved in independent scholarly activity in the fields of library and information science and in other academic disciplines.

Librarians’ terms and conditions of employment should be analogous to those of other academic staff including an equivalent system of ranks, and procedures for promotion and tenure. Librarians’ normal workload must include research and scholarship as well as academic and community service, and require, as a result, provisions such as sabbatical, research or study leaves. Librarians must be eligible for research funding, and paid and unpaid leaves of absence on the same basis as other academic staff.

As academic staff, librarians have the right and obligation to participate fully in academic affairs.

Academic freedom

As academic staff, librarians are entitled to academic freedom in accordance with CAUT policies.

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