Historical Bits and Bytes: A Brief History of the Victoria University Chapter of UTFA

By Carmen Socknat, E.J.Pratt Library, Victoria College

Victoria University has had a long- standing relationship with UTFA  and its predecessor.  According to the by-laws of the Victoria Chapter of the Association of Teaching Staff adopted April 1, 1970, membership was open to “full- time members of the teaching staff” although other members of the staff of Victoria University could be admitted by the Executive Council upon application.

The first Memorandum of Agreement was signed on July 13, 1978 by the Chair and Secretary of the Board of Regents, Victoria University and the President and Secretary of the Victoria University Chapter of UTFA, representing the faculty. Policies for librarians were created as an addendum (Appendix F) one year later in July of 1979.  These agreements basically followed the University of Toronto MoA with some amendments, addressing salary, benefits, hiring, tenure, promotions, etc.

In  the 1990  by-laws drafted for the Victoria University Chapter of UTFA, it was stated that the Vic Chapter would be governed by the Constitution  of UTFA, with the Vic by-laws taking precedence where there was any difference.   Membership was open to both teaching faculty and librarians employed by Victoria University. Dues were paid to UTFA rather than the Chapter.  However, when salaries and pensions of Victoria University faculty were moved to Arts and Sciences in 1992, the membership decreased and only librarians and Emmanuel faculty were left in the Vic Chapter.

By 2002 the Vic Chapter of UTFA had lapsed and needed to be reinvigorated. Faculty and librarians became actively involved  and by 2004, with the support and assistance of UTFA,  the by-laws were updated, a new executive (President and Secretary) were elected, a Vic Chapter representative was elected to sit on UTFA Council,  and faculty and librarians were encouraged to join UTFA as Vic Chapter members.

On June 30, 2006 an updated MoA was signed by the Vic Chapter executive, the UTFA representative, and the Victoria University administration, then approved by the Board of Regents.  This included policies for librarians in the body of the document and was again meant to reflect the U of T MoA as closely as possible.  A Joint Committee comprised of the Vic Chapter of UTFA executive and the Victoria University administration oversees Victoria University’s implementation of any new agreements ratified by UTFA for U of T faculty and librarians.

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