Provostial Advisory Group on Academic Planning & Librarians

Sheril Hook, representing UT librarians, and Cynthia Messenger, both representing UTFA were selected to be on the Provostial Advisory Group on Academic Planning, an outgrowth of the Association Grievance launched by UTFA and the Faculty of Arts & Science crisis this past year. A full list and some background information was posted on earlier blogs, Feb 18 and April 5. More news about all this will follow in a later blog, with references and more specific information.

This is just to let our community know that today a group of interested librarians met to discuss recent developments with McMaster, community concerns and the document which needs to be submitted to the Provost about the role of academic librarians in academic planning, as participants in the Provostial Advisory Group on Academic Planning.

Two developments were agreed upon: first, a community meeting needs to be called to discuss the role of UT librarians in academic planning (at all levels) and second, a document needs to be written to outline why we believe the following:

1. UT librarians are academic units not service units

2. UT librarians are central to any academic planning that happens across our three campuses.

It was an encouraging meeting, with many opinions but one voice, which unilaterally emphasized the need for UT librarians to participate in the university’s academic planning at many levels.

More news about the planned community meeting will follow as well as the planned document. We urge our members to contact Sheril Hook,, if you have any thoughts about the following questions or know of papers, reports and surveys which offer support and evidence:

1. What is the role of the library in academic planning?

2.What makes the library an academic unit rather than a service unit? Is the library an academic unit?

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