A New Chief Librarian – Turning Over a New Leaf?

With the slow, internal dismantling of middle management in our library system over the years, librarians lost their ability participate in the overall plans in the library and opportunities to develop managerial skills. For without a middle management and mentoring program, you cannot develop managerial experience or opportunities for progressive advancement.

With the new Chief Librarian, comes an opportunity to review our current status. We need to ask ourselves, “What kind of internal structure do you think would work for the UTL system?” Not just for our Central System, but across our three campuses. How do we ensure equity in workload, benefits and opportunities for growth, advancement and career mobility across our three campuses? It is time to ask these questions. If we don’t ask, think about it and begin to articulate what might be the best solutions, or we may be forced to accept changes that we don’t agree with.

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