Provostial Advisory Group on Academic Planning – UT Librarians

UTFA librarians have started to meet to discuss two questions: 1) the role of academic librarians in academic planning and 2) the role of academic libraries in academic planning.

One of the issues being examined is the role of academic libraries in the academic planning process. While the library does have a service component, it is largely an academic unit. As an academic unit, it should make significant contributions to curriculum planning, both in building and maintaining library collections to support curricula but also ensuring that students are graduating with skills in finding and evaluating information. This growing need to involve librarians at the curriculum level has resulted from escalating student enrolment, increased class-sizes, and emphasis on quality assurance with respect to the skills and knowledge that students will have when they graduate from a university in Ontario.  The views of academic librarians at the University of Toronto on these issues are neither new nor isolated; they are supported by the national findings of the American Library Directors’ survey entitled ITHAKA[1]which states in the next five years “library directors broadly prioritize research and teaching support functions…with a near consensus on teaching support and undergraduate information literacy” as the top priorities facing academic libraries (ITHAKA, p. 12).

[1] Matthew P. Long, Ithaka S+R Library Survey 2010: Insights from U.S. Academic Library Directors. Work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution No Derivative Works 3.0, United States License.

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