TRY – Session on Unionization and Libraries

A reminder:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011. TRY Conference, McFadden Hall, St. Michael’s University. 3:10 to 3:45.
Session: “Shaping our future, has unionization made a difference?” Representatives from the various university faculty associations at Queens, McMaster and Guelph will be guests on the panel.

Guest Panelists: Constance Adamson, Queens University and OCUFA, Vice-President; Nick Ruest, McMaster University; Scott Gillies, Guelph University.

Organized by Vicki Skelton, Head, Information Services at the Centre for Industrial Relations & Human Resources Library since July 2008, a reference librarian at UofT for over 25 years and is the editor of the weekly e-publication, the Perry Work Report; member of the UTFA Librarians Committee and UTFA Council.

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