Future of Academic Libraries: A Reminder of the Meeting Friday, May 6, 10 AM

A Note from Marcel Fortin:

Here is the agenda for the meeting on the future of academic librarianship being held tomorrow, Friday May 6th in Robarts room 4049. Other items for the agenda are of course welcome.

I encourage everyone to have a look at the video before the meeting and to read some of the blog posts below. I would like to have this be a very interactive and positive meeting with lots of discussions and points to move forward. I would also like to have someone act as secretary if possible in order to be able to relay some of the discussions to our colleagues who cannot attend the meeting. If someone would like to volunteer ahead of time or at the meeting, please let me know. We can also discuss beforehand what we will report and not report if there are any concerns.

Meeting Agenda
– Issues and Problems in Academic Librarianship
– Solutions
– Assessment of U of T Academic Librarianship situation
– UTFA Librarians Committee (Harriet and Sheril)
– Future Discussions / meetings?

Preparation material
Video: http://tinyurl.com/3onp2s9


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