Last Call for Nominations for the CAUT Distinguished Librarians Award

Dear Colleagues,

The CAUT Distinguished Librarians Award will be the first time that the University of Toronto librarians have participated in this national award. Don’t let your community down, take a few minutes to think about this. Do you know someone who in the distant or recent past you helped ensure that UT librarians obtain a better working environment, recognition or status? Send us your nominations by the end of this week to! We would like very much to hear from you. Here are the criteria as per the CAUT website:

Candidates may be either current or former academic librarians or other academic staff. Candidates will be assessed on the significance of their contributions to the advancement of the status and/or working conditions of academic librarians at either the local, regional or national level. The number and frequency of awards will be as the Librarians Committee and CAUT Council deem appropriate.

Remember, becoming more engaged and vocal, takes all forms. Thank you.

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