May 6, 2011 – Assembly of UT Librarians on St. George Campus

From 10 am to past noon, academic librarians assembled to discuss current concerns regarding our UT libraries and tackled tough questions concerns academic librarianship and the future of our academic libraries. Representatives from our smaller departmental libraries, central system and UTM gathered to voice and share ideas that have long been suppressed. This successful grass-roots assembly, led by Marcel Fortin, and assisted by Debbie Green at the front,  numbered approximately 40-60 librarians. Many were not able to join in this time, so it was agreed that further meetings be planned to continue the discourse. We urge all who could not make it this time, to try to engage in the future. It quickly became evident that there is a need to have this discourse, that we can learn much from each other and that we share many of the same concerns and goals for the University of Toronto.

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