Show Your Support for Academic Librarianship!

In response to McMaster University and their Library’s recent treatment of their academic librarians and the notable gender imbalance at the May 17 conference at McMaster University (given that 80% of librarians are women), entitled “The Future of Academic Libraries” and which does not include McMaster University librarians, CAUT has produced a button which the UTFA Librarians Committee is urging all who support the role of academic librarianship to wear when attending the May 17th conference. For those from other universities who wish to silently show their support, contact, for some buttons.

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2 Responses to Show Your Support for Academic Librarianship!

  1. You folks are doing some excellent work here. Is there some way York librarians could combine forces with you and figure out ways and places to offer alternate visions of the future of academic libraries? I’m dreaming of a Toronto-wide summit. (to start)

    • Thank you Lisa for your support and encouragement. As the largest group of academic librarians in Canada, we all felt that we needed, some how, to find a way to actively support our colleagues at McMaster University. But, we also know, that librarians are service oriented and find public demonstrations or protest, distasteful. So, the yellow button was one solution. Thankfully, CAUT agreed to support this. I think my colleagues would be interested in talking further about your idea of a Toronto-wide summit. We sometimes need to start at the top! I’m usually at UTM, but downtown off and on. Would you be able to join us for at a librarians committee meeting to share your ideas in the near future? This would be one way of reaching everyone. Let me know what you think. Take care, Harriet.

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