Why the yellow button? Why the silent protest?

Today, as of this posting, the UT Librarians Blog has had more than 280 viewings. The updates on the yellow button have initiated a flurry of responses, emails, requests for buttons across the country and questions from some colleagues, who were disappointed to learn that it was part of a silent protest against the comments made by Jeff Trzeciak about the role of academic librarianship in future libraries. It is true, by wearing the yellow button today, people demonstrated their support for the profession (knowingly or unknowingly) – academic librarianship – AND for the McMaster academic librarians who have fought to retain their jobs at a university which sees little value in the role of academic librarians in post-secondary institutions. What has been happening at McMaster is a microcosm of what is happening across our nation and the US to the south – we all know it. That is why there is widespread concern. We read about the demise of librarianship on a weekly basis. It is not a question of individuals not being willing to change – it never was, neither at McMaster University Library nor elsewhere – whoever purports this is either deliberately falsifying the reasons or being foolishly naive. This is well known, just as  the values and reasons why academic librarianship is necessary if we are to preserve our academic libraries in this onslaught of commercial interests and corporate goals. If we don’t speak up now – who do you think will? The yellow button is a new voice for those who care.

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