Appointment and Re-Appointment of Senior Library Administrators

F.Y.I. In the University of Toronto administration’s Policy on Librarians, concerning the appointment of senior administrators, the articles 56 to 63 lay out the guidelines. One of many says that Consultative Committees shall be established, basically to review the candidates up for appointment or re-appointment. This is something, as we know, is not always followed at UT, as per the last grievance launched by UTFA with regards to UTSC. At McMaster University the McMaster University Association of Academic Librarians have done their own review, F.Y.I. see (from their website)

“published by muala on Mon, 05/16/2011 – 12:56  The Review

Jeffrey Trzeciak’s appointment as McMaster University Librarian reaches the 5 year mark later this year. MUALA believes that directors of libraries should be subject to comprehensive 5-year reviews. Accordingly, we undertook a representative opinion survey of our membership in October, 2010, using a survey instrument published by the Association of Research Libraries. The survey consisted of 52 questions addressing five key aspects: vision, leadership, administration, communication and effectiveness, and was completed by 22 of the 25 MUALA members. The University Librarian received an overall performance rating of ‘poor’ from 16 of 22 respondents, and a rating of ‘fair’ from the remaining 6 respondents; he did not receive any overall ratings of ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.”

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