Workload Committee for Librarians – A Call for Participants

Dear colleagues,

Carole Moore has put out a call to all librarians at the University of Toronto to nominate (and this includes putting your own name forward as we confirmed yesterday at the UTFA Joint Committee for Librarians and Administration) individuals who will form part of the new committee on workload. The Workload Policy was negotiated by UTFA after community concerns in the last negotiations.

This is a new area for all of us and we need to ensure that the guidelines that come out of this process reflects a process of collegiality, transparency and ensures that librarians will have time for the three vital components of their jobs (service, research, professional activities). It is an especially complicated process for librarians, so the more involved the better.

Have said that, UTFA has yet to hear how those nominated will be selected, are only librarians putting forth the names of librarians, how many will be on the committee, how do we ensure that this ‘one’ unit committee will represent all librarians across our tri-campus and divisional libraries? What is meant by “type” in the policy (level of librarian, type of job or area of expertise, status (permanent, part-time, contract) or supervisory vs non-management? There are many questions and we need you to be involved. Please consider applying if only to learn the process and concerns. June 15th is the deadline, email if you are interested – submit your name as a candidate.

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