UTFA Coucil Passes a Motion to Support Academic Librarianship

One June 16, 2011, the members of the University of Toronto Faculty Association passed a motion to openly support the role of academic librarianship as a needed profession and at the University of Toronto. The motion reads:

We, the members of the University of Toronto Faculty Association, whose purpose is to advance the interests of teachers, researchers and librarians in Canadian universities,[1] note with concern growing threats to academic librarianship at the University of Toronto and in Canada, as seen recently at McMaster University Library and Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa.

We believe that it is imperative to declare collectively our support for academic librarianship. A great university that strives to excel in all areas of knowledge needs the expertise of academic librarians to guide, direct and participate in all academic decision-making levels at the University of Toronto:

  •  Academic librarians provide a unique form of professional guidance and leadership in areas of expertise that only academic librarians can provide
  • Academic librarians make ethical and informed decisions that secure the long-range continuity and growth of libraries
  • Academic librarians offer invaluable teaching and research support to faculty and students in a rapidly changing environment

To this end, the University of Toronto Faculty Association urges its members to openly support academic librarianship and moves that:

  •  Academic librarians be recognized as full partners in the research and teaching goals at this institution and that meaningful decision-making roles for academic librarians be embedded into the structure of the institution and the libraries to ensure collegial participation and shared governance
  • Academic librarians be recognized as critical to the success of the university’s academic goals and mission
  • The positions of academic librarians, when vacated, be renewed by academic librarians
  • Academic librarians have the right to share openly and express their opinions, ideas and concerns without fear of reprisal or recrimination by their supervisors and administrators
  • Academic librarians have the right to make professional decisions autonomously in a collegial and transparent environment

[1] Article 2.1, UTFA Constitution.

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