UT Librarians – Considering the “Norm” in workload – What are the options?

The history of an institution often determines how they define their policies, and in particular, how they calculate or define policies concerning workload. For academic librarians, it is not possible to define one’s responsibilities in terms of a 9-5 workday, as a result, institutions have tacked this in different ways. This has been the case of faculty associations which include both librarians and faculty. In the Concordia University Collective Agreement for faculty and librarians, they calculated the number of hours per course per faculty and determined an equivalent number of hours for librarians, see clause 8.16 b). A similar approach has been taken at Queens University.  A set number of courses define full-time teaching for faculty and these have been translated into hours. This in turn is used to determine what is the norm for librarians, see their agreement Queens University Collective Agreement . Like these two institutions, UT librarians and faculty are in the same association. It is important for UT librarians to define their workload and what is the norm in parallel terms to those used by our faculty. This is not difficult to do, as there are numerous examples across Canada, we are the anomaly.

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