UT Librarians Workload Meeting with Administration + CAUT Statement on Librarians Workload

Hello everyone,

The UT Librarians Workload Unit meeting is scheduled to meet again Sept.30 and with succeeding dates set to: Oct.24, 26, Nov.1, Nov. 10. I am attaching a 1999-2000 discussion paper by CAUT on workload issues for librarians. Even though UTFA has only recently succeeded in negotiating workload provisions, it has been a long-standing issue discussed at other institutions, with a range of approaches being adopted, depending on the history of the institute. I am also cutting and pasting two clauses from Policy Statement on Academic Status and Governance for Librarians at Canadian Universities and Colleges (http://www.caut.ca/pages.asp?lang=1&page=249):

Librarians’ terms and conditions of employment should be analogous to those of other academic staff including an equivalent system of ranks, and procedures for promotion and tenure. Librarians’ normal workload must include research and scholarship as well as academic and community service, and require, as a result, provisions such as sabbatical, research or study leaves. Librarians must be eligible for research funding, and paid and unpaid leaves of absence on the same basis as other academic staff.

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