Understanding the UT Workload – WLPP for Faculty and Librarians

Discussions are currently underway in each academic unit to formulate a workload policy for faculty and librarians. The Library Workload Unit Committee has been meeting regularly. The minutes of these meetings will be distributed to all librarians. During this process it will be important for us all to understand what is currently in place, what has already been secured in the WLPP. The policy is dense but touches on many facets. In the coming weeks we will extract excerpts for the community to think about in a series of FAQ. In the WLPP all our libraries in the UT system are defined as the library unit or simply unit:

When will librarians workloads be assessed?  The workload distribution of a librarian will be taken into account at the time of the annual performance review and a written record will be retained (WLPP, 8.4).

What if unforeseen circumstances arise and I can’t cope with agreed the upon workload? When previously unforeseen circumstances warrant, a librarian may request an in-year adjustment to their agreed workload distribution pattern. Requests for an in year adjustment will be considered in a manner consistent with the Librarian Workload Policy and the WLPP (WLPP,8.3).

How will we be able to review individual workloads to determine what is fair and equitable? All written assignments for each Unit will be collected in the Office of the Unit Head and made readily available for review at the request of any member of the Unit or the Association (WLPP, 2.11).

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