UT Archivists and Librarians – Let’s Help Save the Library and Archives Canada

Librarians at the University of Toronto have long been concerned about developments at the Library & Archives Canada, the only institute in our country which had a mandate to preserve our cultural and historical heritage. It ‘was‘ also our equivalent of the ‘Library of Congress’ which served as a repository for all Canadian publications – this, however, is no longer the case. Unlike many other countries which have an institute, legislated to preserve one copy of all publications produced in their countries, which, in turn, preserve their heritage – the Library and Archives Canada’s mandate has changed. Hence, the growing concerns. So, we ask – what are the academic librarians and archivists at the University of Toronto going to do about this?   We support a major research institute  – are we going to remain silent? If those who lead are silent – is it time for the rest of us to do something? Contact members of the UTFA librarians committee if you want to collaborate or distribute information further to our community, let’s get involved. For more reads on this development see the following( we are sure there is more literature on this topic – please forward to members of the librarians committee so that we can share with the community):


http://reviewcanada.ca/magazine/2011/01/      Literary Review of Canada

Merger of Canada’s National Public Archives and National Library, Bill C-8 2004.

Millar, Laura. “Discharging our Debt: The Evolution of the Total Archives Concept in English CanadaArchivaria 46 (1996): pp. 103-146.

Wilson, Ian E.    “Noble Dream: The Origins of the   Public Archives of Canada”  Archivaria: Archives and Libraries: Essays in Honour of W. Kaye Lamb  vol. 15  (1982-1983): pp. 16-35.

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