Showcasing “Academic Librarianship and Areas of Expertise at the University of Toronto”

There are many different ways to describe and discuss what constitutes academic librarianship, most of which are not fully understood by our faculty members who teach and do research at the University of Toronto, or for that matter, at similar institutes. Today, perhaps more than ever, it is essential that we engage our faculty in understanding why academic librarians are vital for the success of academic institutes. This is one of a series of short articles which will be posted on the blog. The article by Miguel A. Torrens in Collection Development,  reveals the expertise required to assess, implement and maintain approval plans, for the ‘un-initiated’ as he states. In 2007 he was asked by Oxford University to assist in the implementation of such plans : Miguel A. Torrens, “Approval plans and the Academic Library: An Overview of a Symbiotic Relationship for the für Bibliothek, Information und Technologie [].

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