UT Librarians – Make it known that you want an informed conversation about bargaining issues from administration….


Our community faces many challenges, many are related to our 40-year old librarian policy and our inability to renegotiate terms and conditions of employment unlike other Canadian universities. We are making good strides in the new workload policy – but it isn’t enough.  As academic librarians we need to be fully engaged at all levels and have comprehensive, up-to-date working terms. Encourage our Provost and UT administration to respond to UTFA’s proposals and not be dismissive. Our bargaining has reached an impasse, a silence – they want the status quo. Do you? If not, sign this petition. You know what is happening in academic librarianship across Ontario and Canada – please, stop being the ‘silent’ librarian and start voicing your concerns.  Here is the petition site again:


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