Thinking About Workload Policies for Librarians….some readings

Now that the 1st draft of the UT Librarians Workload policy is circulating in the community (sent out by Larry Alford, Nov.30), it is timely to suggest a few readings. Remember when reading and thinking about the draft and what you would like to have included – we already have an approved policy in place, see

UTFA Report on FAQ concerning workload, see:

Workload policies have been a negotiated component of academic collective agreements for more than decade. At UofT, however,  it is a new subject for faculty and librarians and it takes a while to understand what the greater issues are for the community. Here are some model clauses and examples of the scope, terms and language employed:

CAUT Model Clause on Workload

Queens University – Individual Department’s Workload Standards Policies plus the Queens’ University Collective Agreement, Article 37 on Workload

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