Celebrating Academic Librarianship and Congratulating Our Colleagues

Mary Kandiuk, Visual Arts, Design & Theatre Librarian at York University, has been re-elected for a third consecutive term as Vice-President Internal of the York University Faculty Association (YUFA). Mary has a long history of service to YUFA and advocacy on behalf of YUFA members, including serving as Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on the Administration of the Collective Agreement and as a member of three bargaining committees. She is a strong believer in the power of unions with respect to both improving and safeguarding terms and conditions of employment. She was instrumental in negotiating the librarian pay equity agreement which was successful in raising the salaries of York librarians to some of the highest in Canada. She has been a passionate advocate of affirmative action and equity issues and recently conducted the first diversity survey of academic librarians in Canada.

Mary Kandiuk was a member of the steering committee who worked on the organization of the symposium, Academic Librarianship: A Crisis or An Opportunity, Nov. 18 at the University of Toronto.

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