UTFA Survey

PamphletIt is time for change at the University of Toronto (pdf pamphlet). It’s time to renew and give real meaning to collegiality and self-governance.  It’s time for due recognition of the fundamental role that faculty and librarians play in achieving excellence. It’s time our voices were heard when and where decisions about our working lives are made. We are seeking a more meaningful role for academic staff in the decisions that shape our future. You can help strengthen our voices, and ensure Administration decisions reflect real input from faculty.

Please take a few moments to answer the UTFA bargaining survey sent in January  to all UTFA members (there are only 2 questions) and send your views on any other issue that affects your working life to bargaining@utfa.org .

We have a dedicated bargaining team working hard on our behalf.  Please share your views! Some email programs disconnect the live link to the survey, just convert the message to html (if your email program cannot convert it, forward the message to another email account like gmail) or open the attached zip file. If you did not receive an email with a link to the survey and you are faculty, librarian or in the teaching stream, contact the UTFA office at http://www.utfa.org/content/contact-us  or send an email to faculty@utfa.org. Thank you.

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