The Future Role of Academic Libraries…

In a recent call for papers by University of Warsaw Library (BUW) and the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IS PAN) on the IFLA listserv it was noted “… without libraries, there would be neither knowledge nor science, neither codification of cultural achievements nor systematisation of human learning..” and “…It would be hard to envisage any significant manifestation of artistic creativity or clarification of fine arts and architecture principles in a world impoverished by a lack of access to libraries and thus to the exhilarating ideas inspired by wide reading…” As academic librarians we do not need to be reminded about the important role academic libraries play in any institution dedicated to excellence and research. But for many reasons, others around us do need reminders. This conference in Poland is taking the unconventional approach of looking to the past for answers about the future of academic libraries. For those intrigued, this pdf description of the conference (May 14-17, 2012) in Warsaw, Poland, will offer more information.

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