“The Great Librarian Massacre…” at Harvard University – Update

A letter issued by Provost of Harvard University rationalizing the current reorganization has been made public (click here). A librarian at Harvard University has posted a detailed up-date on what has been happening, as a result of the reorganization, a blog well worth reading (click here). These developments and the way in which the reorganization is unfolding give further support to the community’s growing concerns that academic librarianship is going through a serious crisis and that ‘no one’ no matter how cozy they may feel in their current, academic setting, can feel confident that it will not happen to them. There are reasons why more than 80% of academic libraries in Canada have secured collective agreements and have certified their faculty associations (Harvard librarians do not have faculty nor permanent status). Apart from the process and the manner in which this re-organization is unfolding at Harvard University, it raises  serious long-term concerns for what constitutes academic librarianship, professional collegiality and the role of academic libraries in the future.

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One Response to “The Great Librarian Massacre…” at Harvard University – Update

  1. Lasonya says:

    (Thank you rounds are always welcome, of course. I believe my exact words were “I don’t want to be your dirty little secret. Ask your local club to run this for you.

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