OCUFA awards – Deadline

Dear Colleagues,

The UTFA Librarians Committee is encouraging colleagues to submit nominations for the OCUFA Academic Librarianship Award. (click here for pdf package and forms) This award recognizes the contributions of outstanding academic librarians in a variety of areas, including:

1. development of service in academic programs and research
2. effective delivery of service in support of academic programs and research
3. provision of educational materials to ensure effective use of library resources and services
4. development of a supportive environment for research and educational abilities
5. provision of services and resources to create a positive experience of the library’s academic mission
6. collection development and management
7. organization of access to the collection
8. contributions to the professional development of colleagues
9. research on academic librarianship
10. contributions to academic planning and policy making
11. publications and conference presentations

More information regarding the OCUFA Academic Librarianship Award, including the required documentation that must be submitted to OCUFA and guidelines for submitting nomination packages is available at http://ocufa.on.ca/ocufa-awards/teaching-and-academic-librarianship-awards/ .

To nominate a colleague, please see the OCUFA web site at http://ocufa.on.ca/ocufa-awards/teaching-and-academic-librarianship-awards/ for instructions.   For further information you can contact Michelle Spence, member of the UTFA Librarians Committee, <michelle.spence@utoronto.ca>, who has volunteered to offer assistance for interested participants. Since this is the first time UT Librarians have submitted, CTSI has offered to give guidance to a small group willing to work with the community. Contact Michelle if you are interested.

The deadline for submissions is May 21, 2012. 

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