Next President of UTFA….nominations are open

George Luste’s term ends June 30, 2012. The nominations for the Presidency are now being accepted. We are fortunate, for Scott Prudham, current VP Salaries, Pensions & Benefits and Chief Negotiator, has been nominated and agreed to run. His website, statement and bio are linked to the UTFA home page, Endorsements showing the support of the Executive and members of various committees, including the UTFA Librarians Committee, are now visible on the website. It is due to his support that the issues confronting academic librarians are now being considered seriously. We, the members of the UTFA Librarians Committee, know that our community faces many issues, but the first step to resolving them, is to gain the attention of those who lead at UTFA. Scott Prudham has demonstrated his commitment to our concerns, issues of academic freedom and ensuring that our institution excels at all level, with equality and fairness for all. If you are interested in publicly endorsing Scott Prudham as a candidate, who know will be fighting for our concerns, send an email to any member of the UTFA Librarians Committee and we will add your name to the website.

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