Messenge from Cynthia Messenger, Vice-President, Grievances at UTFA

On behalf of Cynthia Messenger, this message is being shared amongst colleagues in the community:

Dear colleagues,

I urge you to vote for Scott Prudham in the election for UTFA president. As many of you know, Scott is currently Vice-President, Salaries, Benefits, and Pensions.

Today you should have received the online link through which you may cast your vote for UTFA president. It is critical that you vote. The other candidate running is from Rotman. She has little experience at UTFA, and, in my view, has attempted to polarize issues, thereby obscuring them.

Please read the attached letter from Scott and visit his links below:

The statements of both candidates and information on the election at

I support Scott for UTFA president because he. . .

1. is clearly a leader at UTFA who has shown, time and again, that he can build consensus to bring about much-needed change.

2. has long experience at UTFA in increasingly responsible roles.

3. achieves excellent results at the salaries/benefits/pensions negotiating table, and he would continue to do so as president.

4. knows a great deal about the appointments policies for all three streams: the tenure stream, the teaching stream, and the librarians.

5. supports the advancement of all three streams.

6. devotes himself to the principles of collegial governance and academic freedom at U of T.

7. works extensively and effectively with all levels of Administration and with outside bodies such as CAUT and OCUFA.

8. leads on outreach to members, having met personally with hundreds of our colleagues in recent years.

Even though Scott is an extremely strong candidate for UTFA president, please do not assume that your vote does not matter. It does.

Cynthia Messenger,  Innis College office tel: 416.978.6508

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