Questions Arising in the Campaign for UTFA President

A lot of wrong information is circulating as the campaign for voting for the next president of UTFA commences. UTFA will respond to the information and queries as they arise.

One of the views circulating is that voting for the current executive member, Scott Prudham, will result in unionization. This is false. This statement shows a lack of knowledge about how UTFA works and how unionization happens. The best response to this statement is to repeat what UTFA wrote in the Bargaining update #4, dated to Feb. 6, 2012 (p. 3) in response to survey questions:

“We are not seeking union certification at present. The proposal to reform the Memorandum reflects a deliberate decision, consistent with our history and culture, to make every effort to bring about change via reform of our existing arrangement.”

“…Members should know that union certification cannot be secured by UTFA’s Executive or Council. Rather, it is a legally prescribed process in two stages, requiring first that at least 40 percent of those now represented by UTFA (members and non-members) sign cards signifying that they wish to be represented by a union under the Labour Relations Act of Ontario. If this threshold were to be passed, the Labour Board would then order an
election in which all members of the proposed bargaining unit, whether they signed cards or not, could vote confidentially in a legally binding election administered by the Labour Board. Certification is a very rigorous, tightly controlled, and democratic process. For any of this to happen, some sort of explicit campaign would have to be triggered either by UTFA’s Council or by an independent faculty association seeking certification…”  AND “…To set the record straight, we have taken none of these steps…”

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