What do the University of Toronto Academic Librarians want from UTFA?

An election campaign provokes reflection, and each of us must be asking, what do librarians hope for this in election? What can UTFA do for us and how can we help UTFA? Here are some thoughts about what the UTFA Librarians committee tries to uphold and will be seeking with the help of  the UTFA executive and the new President:

  • Academic and intellectual freedom is core to academic librarianship and collegiality is the form in which these values are expressed. We know that the librarians at the University of Toronto are totally dedicated to this institution. When concerns arise, there must be a supportive environment to discuss, share information, properly assess and understand the full context, so that colleagues can work through change and new directions in a planned, organized and conscientious way. There should be no fear of reprisal or deliberate subterfuge.
  • Update and reform the Policy for Librarians so that ALL academic librarians at the University of Toronto are treated equally and on par with colleagues at other institutions. Our policy has not been updated for 40 years.
  • Ensure that our hiring practices are updated and formalized to ensure the best candidates are successful. As academics we need peer reviews, transparency and unbiased committees to conduct our searches; we need to ensure that our qualifications are high and will meet the needs of the future.
  • Define the ethical and academic responsibilities of academic librarianship, so we can accommodate change that addresses the needs of a research and teaching institution as we move forward
  • Build strong ties with the other streams in our faculty association, the faculty and the teaching stream. We need to support each other.
  • Ensure our wages are fairly determined and, at least, on par with other Canadian Universities
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