Performance Evaluations – deadline nears

UTFA supports a transparent approach to how our colleagues are assessed. It will soon be that time of year when many of you have questions about the process and the results of the annual performance reviews. Some of our colleagues receive full packages, those which go out to the Heads, Deans or Chairs, others receive packages minus certain instructions. One of the items which is usually not included is the numeric grading assigned to the various assessments. For the sake of transparency, here are the assessments which are assigned according to the annual activity report:

Performance Assessment Rating                 Numeric Ranking  ***
Superior Performance                                     8-9
Surpasses Expectations                                   6-7
Achieves Expectations                                      3-5
Below Expectations                                           1-2
Unsatisfactory                                                     0
There should be no deviation from the above numeric ranking, e.g. fractions or decimals.  The performance assessment will be reviewed for consistency and adherence to the guidelines.” In addition, they are instructed the following:

***Your recommended number indicating the level of performance should not be given out at the time of the assessment.

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