PTR and UofT Librarians on Research Leaves – Important Update

This is the time of year when questions concerning the annual performance arise.  As a way of keeping you informed (please direct colleagues to this site), the UTFA Librarians Committee will share information with the community. A recent memo from the Provost 52_Salary Increase Instructions 2012-13-1 to all Deans and Chairs, concerning PTR for “faculty and librarians” directs them to the guidelines posted on the web, where it states:

“Faculty on research and study leave must also provide an annual activity report that gives details of their progress in relation to the research and study leave proposal which was submitted prior to the approval of their leave.”

UTFA is urging librarians on leave to submit an annual activity report as indicated on this site.  Librarians are NOT exempt from this. In ‘some’ cases, in the past, the general practice has been to not submit (although others were given a choice to submit) and the PTR from the previous year was applied. If you have any questions on UTFA’s position on this matter, contact, Harriet Sonne de Torrens, Chair UTFA Librarians Committee, .

Given the current changes, economic climate and specific guidelines from the Provost, see the memo addressed concerning faculty and librarians, the UTFA Librarians Committee, after consultation with the UTFA executive, are urging all librarians on research leave to submit an activity report with the appropriate research documentation (approved forms, outline of research, etc.). The Provostial website is:

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