Update on Joint UTFA and Librarians Committee, April 24, 2012.

The joint committee agrees to meet regularly, twice a term, to discuss queries and concerns in the community. The last meeting was held on Tuesday, April 24, 2012. We would like to share some of the information discussed in that meeting.

1. Research Grants, SSHRCS, etc. UofT librarians are eligible to apply individually or to partner with faculty and work with the Research Office. In the past, there have been some misunderstandings about this matter. Librarians CAN APPLY for research grants, it serves to enhance the stature of our community, profession and institute.

2. For questions on the Policy for Librarians, for librarians at UTSC, UTM and the St. George campus, the contact person is Julie Hannaford, at Robarts Library. UTSC HR deals with Academic HR and with Administrative Staff HR and UTM HR deals only with Academic staff HR.

3. Intellectual Property and Copyright Policies at the University of Toronto apply equally to all faculty and librarians. There are no special exceptions for the librarians, from any perspective.

4. UofT librarians receive 10 research days a year, in addition, to being eligible for research and study leaves (similar to sabbaticals). The 10 research days are for self-directed research as deemed appropriate by the individuals. We have academic freedom at the University of Toronto, we can determine the value of our own research projects, initiatives and enquiries. If you are being told that what you are planning is ‘not appropriate research’ call the UTFA office. As a point of comparison, you should know that Librarians at York University receive 22 research days a year, in addition, to sabbaticals.


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