Trendy Changes vs. Thorough Long-Term Planning in Library Makeovers – McMaster University Library

The unhappy, internal work environment at McMaster University Library under the leadership of Jeff Treziak, University Librarian, who is leaving, has been the focus of many in the recent past. The McMaster University Academic Librarians’ Association (MUALA) contributed suggestions to the recent University Library Review convened by the President and Provost of McMaster University (for the full submission see . Several recommendations made by MUALA were adopted and reinforced by the University Library Review in their report (see FinalReportLibrary-May2012). Two of the striking recommendations are:

  • “The new library leadership team (new chief librarian) should focus on stabilization, change management and an organizational culture of consultation, engagement and transparency” p. 4. (the bold has been added) This is what leads to academic collegiality.
  • “A budget audit that identifies how allocations are currently being made” p. 6. Change can be costly, in many different ways, even if the argument is to save money.
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