Canadians Should Take Note – Recent Decision on GUS Copyright Case (Oxford, Cambridge, Sage)

UofT Prof. Ariel Katz has outlined the court’s decision,concerning the case (filed April 2008) by three publishers, Oxford, Sage and Cambrige, against George State University and urges Canadians to take a close look:

“On Friday, the US District Court issued a 350 pages decision, dismissing 94 out of the 99 claims of copyright infringement. Of the initial 99 claims, only 75 reached the final stages of the trial. Some of the claims were dismissed on the grounds of de minimis copying, others on the ground that plaintiffs could not demonstrate that they were the owners, while the rest were found to be fair use. Infringement was found in only 5 cases.”

“The case should also provide food for thought for the universities that have to decide whether to capitulate to Access Copyright. It casts further doubts about the claims of the AUCC that the deal that it brokered with Access Copyright is the best possible outcome for Canadian universities.”  For the full report see this pdf

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