Performance Evaluations at UofT for the Librarians

This is the time of year in which UofT Librarians’ performances are evaluated for PTR and promotion purposes. Senior administrators have all been given the same guidelines and forms for submitting their evaluations back to those they supervise. The central HR has sent out these packages, with the intent of promoting consistency and fairness in our community. Your Performance Evaluation should evaluate three areas, the same three areas which are needed for promotion purposes: professional practice, service and scholarship (or professional creative practices).  Performance Assessment Form – Librarians (4) which you should have received, completed by your supervisor. The headings must be the same as well as the scope. If your supervisor has not used this form, you need to contact UTFA office. Lastly, so you know, Procedures Criteria for Assessment #12469B-1-2012 under which you are judged with the numeric ratings. Again, if you have not been fairly assessed, you need to contact the UTFA office. These guidelines have been posted on this website, because we believe that the process of evaluation individuals in the workplace should be an open, fair and equitable process. Secrecy leads to irregularities and unfair treatment.

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