PTR – Goals and Objectives for Librarians and Workload

At the last Joint UTFA Librarians and Administration Committee (members are Suzanne Meyers Sawa, Jeff Newman, Harriet Sonne de Torrens, Sandra Langlands, Victoria Owen, Christina Sass-Kortsak), it was made clear by administration that goals were understood as the equivalent of workload. We have not yet received our approved Workload Policy back from the Provost, so we are in a state of limbo. However, as our drafted policy states our, individual, annual workload is to be determined at the time of our annual evaluations.

This means, when we submit our goals with our annual reviews (as required by central HR for librarians), we are defining our workload for the next year according to administration. This is important to keep in mind. Many of us determine goals as part of our academic planning for our institutions, which is good. However, our individual goals are also our workload and part of our performance evaluations. This is the position that administration took at the last Joint UTFA and Administration Meeting for Librarians. UTFA argued that goals are not the same as workload. Goals you aspire to and are adjusted through the year, workload are the regular responsibilities (both address three areas, scholarship, professional practice and service). Individual goals are part of your annual submission in your performance reviews, which is explicitly stated in the package distributed by HR.

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