Update from the Canadian Council of Archives – Urgent need for action…

Please find attached the latest update from CCA in pdf format BriefingNote_NADPJune2012eng ) and ( BriefingNote_NADPJune2012-FR ) copied below, which corrects information previously released by the CLA and other organizations. A copy of the message that is being circulates follows:

“Colleagues and supporters:     Please find attached a new briefing note on the NADP for you to use in your contact with MPs.  This note provides correct information on the efficiencies and benefits of the National Archival Development Program, to counter the misinformation recently presented at the conferences of the Canadian Historical Association, Canadian Library Association and Association des archivistes du Québec.   It is vital that you contact your MPs quickly to provide them with the correct information – Parliament rises in 2 weeks for the summer recess.   Thank you, CCA Board”

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