UTFA Council Meeting, June 26 in the Bahen Centre at 4:30, Welcomes UTFA Members

UTFA Council will meet on June 26th from 3:00 to 5:30 pm in the Bahen Centre, room BA 1170. At 4:30 the order of the day will be deliberation on our tentative settlement over matters of compensation, the details of which were released to members earlier this week via email. UTFA is extending an invitation to UTFA members to attend.

At 4:30 the meeting will be open to UTFA members interested in attending. This is not a membership meeting, it is a council meeting. Councillors will be voting on the settlement. As a parliamentary system, the UTFA members are represented by UTFA Council members. Their vote represents your vote.

As part of UTFA’s efforts to engage the community, we welcome you to this meeting to raise your questions. The process would be to identify yourself to the speaker and those assembled, and during the allotted question period, raise your point. If the meeting goes into camera, community members will be asked to leave. Please notify Chris Penn at the UTFA office, 416-978-3351 or penn@utfa.org if you are planning to attend.

As academic librarians we urge you to understand the details of the settlement, ask your representative any questions that you might have or come in person and ask the Council and members of the bargaining committee. This is a 3-year settlement with long-term ramifications. We are attaching three documents concerning the settlement for you to read. Hope to see you at the meeting.

U of T and UTFA Mediation Only Framework – final April 19 2012 unsigned-1

Pension LOU June 2012-1

U of T and UTFA June 3 2012 draft final agreement


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