Update on the Universities who have not signed the Access Copyright Agreement…

Dear Colleagues,

Sam Trosow is keeping a running list of institutions who have not signed the AC agreement, see below and current site: http://samtrosow.wordpress.com/2012/06/29/compilation-of-annoucements-for-institutions-opting-out-of-model-license/

Here is a list of the latest:

“…(Jun 29) Here is a (partial) compilation of available statements from institutions that are not signing the agreement:

University of Guelph:

Memorial University:

Queens University:

Trent University:

Carleton University:

University of Waterloo:

University of Windsor: http://web4.uwindsor.ca/units/leddy/leddy.nsf/CopyrightUpdateMay2012!OpenForm

York University:

University of Winnipeg: (press account) http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/u-of-w-rejects–copyright-deal-as-money-grab-152135325.html

Athabasca University: http://president.athabascau.ca/messages/index.php?id=109

UBC: http://www.broadcastemail.ubc.ca/2012/05/15/ubc-is-not-signing-a-license-agreement-with-access-copyright/

If anyone can point me to linkable public statements from UNB, UNBC, Royal Roads, Mount Royal, U Sask (or others) I will add to the listing and post on my blog.

I believe that the cumulative effect of all of these statement is having an important impact. The longer an institution stays undecided, the more comfort they will find in this growing list, so there is some urgency in broadly distributing these statements asap. …”

Samuel E. Trosow, Associate Professor
University of Western Ontario
Faculty of Information & Media Studies / Faculty of Law
259 North Campus Bldg. London, Ontario N6A 5B7
(519) 661-2111 x88498

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