UTFA Librarians Committee – update and more coming…

At this term’s first UTFA Librarians Committee meeting yesterday, several important matters were raised and discussed (St. Mike’s situation, workload policy, PTR reviews, research issues and UTFA forum for Oct. 11). This short note is just to let you know that we are preparing an email which will go out to all UTFA librarians by the beginning of next week, providing an update and opportunities for more membership involvement. It is an especially busy year for most of us – but if there are matters you do not see addressed in the coming weeks or if you would like to have us organize a brown-bag lunch session to talk about matters, please contact the chair, Harriet Sonne de Torrens, harriet.sonne@utoronto.ca or one of our members in the committee (see the list on the left side of this blog).  Just Ask! More coming soon…..we promise!

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